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Go get lost and find your way back with the Voyager Pro by Trail Tech. Having these units installed on both our dirt bikes and adventure bikes has been a game changer for a multitude of reasons. Not only are the Voyager Pros extremely user friendly, they are a quick and easy install, and house some features that are kick ass no matter what type of riding you’re doing. The Voyager Pro display is a generous 4 inches that you can see in any condition and use with gloves.

First and foremost, one of the coolest features on the Voyager Pro is the Buddy Tracking. This is such a sweet system, whether you’re riding with a group or just riding with your partner. We’ve used it extensively on single track in the desert, mountain rides in Colorado, and out in the middle of nowhere on the dual sports. If you’re with a big group, buddy tracking is an amazing way to stick together without having to stick together. You can see where members of your group ride and if you have someone that really loves to get ahead and the routes you’re riding aren’t loaded on the VP, you can turn on buddy tails and they’ll never be able to lose you. With Buddy Tracking, there’s also the “Emergency Beacon” option that you can enable and it will display a red alert on the screen of your group members. Whether you’re injured or broken down or just need a snack break your group members will know to get back to you.

Of course, for buddy tracking to really work to its fullest potential, everyone in your group would need to have a Voyager Pro installed and it’s a lot of money to spend. On top of that, if you wreck a lot like me, you may question installing a $600 device with a screen onto a motorcycle that you have a habit of wrecking.

One thing worth mentioning on the Buddy Tracking is that if all members of your group aren’t updated to the same software version, it will or can be kind of glitchy. Always check this if you are having trouble connecting! Another cool thing about Buddy Tracking is that if you have a friend in a RZR, if they have the Buddy Tracking software in their unit they can also track you and you them.

The screens that you can set on the Voyager Pro are all beneficial and I love that Trail Tech gives you the option to enable screens or disable them. This means that if you only use the Map Screen and the Media Screen, you can set it so you only scroll through those two screens. One of many ways that the Voyager Pro can be customized to your preferences.

The Map Screen is my personal favorite and what I typically ride with. What I really love about this screen is that it’s giving me an easy to read and use map but I also have options for gauges. You can customize which gauges show while on this screen which is awesome. You don’t have to toggle between a map screen and a gauge screen while you’re riding, all the information that you need is right in front of you on one screen. The map is easy to see in all conditions, the zoom and scale features work well and there is a shortcut button to access some options that you may need frequently…… READ THE FULL REVIEW HERE:

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*We received a Voyager Pro for free in exchange for a review, however, it’s important to know that all thoughts are our own.


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