When I’m thinking of buying new things I always end up doing two things. Looking at people’s reviews on the site I’m buying from and YouTube-ing it and searching for reviews about it. And most of the time, that works out. But sometimes. I want the juicy details but there isn’t anything like that even after looking through 10 different reviews of the same product. What if I want to see how hot my laptop gets in this very corner? Or this one? Some reviews actually get that detailed. Today we’re going to talk about some great places to look for amazing reviews on the internet, and on YouTube. Let’s get started.

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When I’m looking for reviews, I look for a few things. How crazily detailed their reviews are, is there some sort of metric to measure how good a product is, and did I leave the review having my opinion change on a product? I’m gonna start off with Notebookcheck.net. Each review they do, they provide a score that gives you a general idea of how good a given laptop is for a category. You wouldn’t be seeing an alienware laptop compared to a macbook on their charts because those machines were built for different things. That’s dumb. Instead they base their numbered rating on how well a laptop does within its own category. And because I like seeing a ranking system, this helps me make a better decision. Their reviews are so detailed, down to how hot each section of a laptop is under heavy load, graphing audio quality of speakers, and the backlight bleed of displays. If a particular detail of a laptop doesn’t matter to you. You could just skip that portion of the review and move on. They even review laptops in different languages, making it a great international resource for laptop reviews. If you’re considering buying a laptop, the first place I’d check for a detailed analysis definitely is notebookcheck.net. Now, that’s not to say YouTube reviews are bad, they can be a great resource to get an idea of how a product looks, feels, and how large they are while also providing insight. My favorite youtubers, at least for laptops are Dave2D and MobileTechReview.

Here’s something I’ve gotten into for the last year. Travel gear. For my full time job, we travelled a lot. And I say “travelled” because. You know. But I couldn’t find too many youtube videos that went into depth enough about backpacks or general travel gear. That is until I found Packhacker.com. A review site, similar to notebookcheck.net that instead rates travel gear, and provides in-depth reviews of products, fills you in on how the item has held up over time and has me spending way too much money on travel gear that I have never heard of. They also have a youtube channel that provides reviews in a video format. I felt their site was a bit more detailed but both are fantastic. If you’re more into YouTube, Chase Reeves is a channel focused primarily on backpacks and his 40 minute long videos gives you a great deep dive, but if you want reviews on primarily travel gear, Packhacker is fantastic.

The next one is RTINGS. Originally, they reviewed only TVs and provided in-depth information with, you guessed it, a rating system. But over time they added new categories like headphones, monitors, keyboards, mice, and even… printers? They are just as detailed as the sites I mentioned earlier, and their rating system breaks it down to the type of content you watch on a TV as well. They do similar breakdowns for all the other products they review as well as recommend better products for the price of the product you’re looking at. They do have a youtube channel, but I felt their site had more detailed reviews, and contained more content in general. I don’t really watch any youtubers that I could see as a replacement for RTINGS.com because they’re really unique.

Lastly, when I was searching for cameras to upgrade to for my YouTube channel, I found myself with so many options and being very confused. I did end up with a Sony Alpha A7iii and absolutely love it. One of the sites that was so helpful during this was DPReview.com because they have a numbered review system and a ton of detailed reviews. They also have great youtube format reviews too. If you want to see a channel with amazing in depth reviews and research on cameras and camera gear. Gerald Undone does a fantastic job of going into WAY too much detail. His channel is honestly, amazing to watch.

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