LINK to Ninja: Hi Guys, today I’m reviewing the Ninja Smart Screen Duo Countertop Blender with Freshvac. This is a vacuum blender which removes oxygen before blending to retain color. LINK to Kuvings Vacuum Blender Review:
Kale Chips Recipe: Every blender company will tell you that vacuum blending retains more vitamins than standard blending, that is up to you to believe or not because I can’t test the nutrition claims. There’s supposed to be less foam and separation in your drinks compared to standard blenders. I have reviewed the Kuvings vacuum blender and there was definitely less foam and separation. Ninja sent me this sample so I can tell you what I think of it. This Ninja comes with the motor base, it’s 1400 peak-watts, has suction cups on the bottom, FreshVac pitcher, stacked blade, pitcher lid, freshvac pump, 6aa batteries that goes in the pump, twist-off reservoir, single serve cup with lid, blade, spout lid, instruction manual and a quick start guide with 10 recipes for smoothies and shakes.

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